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Unfortunately, many cases of domestic violence are used merely as a tool by a spouse, relative, or other individual as a means for revenge or securing advantage in family law matters. Even if the charges are nearly entirely unfounded, the accusations could still hurt your reputation and your freedom.

You should never assume that simply because you are innocent that the prosecution will not try to secure a guilty verdict.

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As a Snohomish County domestic violence attorney, I know how to defend your charges. I have nearly 40 years of legal experience and insight that I can put to work for your case. Whether you have been wrongly accused or there was simply a misunderstanding, it is crucial that you take legal action right away. I understand the stress and frustration that this scenario can cause and am ready to fight for you.

Some of the defenses you can utilize include:

  • Self defense
  • Injuries were from something else
  • Damages were self-inflicted
  • You were trying to stop them from hurting others

Though fighting domestic violence charges can be tough, with the right defense attorney you can be confident that a favorable outcome can be secured. Do not wait another moment to contact my firm. I have the resources and experience needed to handle your case.

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