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If you are on the road to getting your life back after being charged with a crime, an accusation of violating the terms of your probation can be a major setback. It is important to take action to retain a Snohomish County criminal defense lawyer who can defend your freedom and help you avoid the serious potential repercussions of a probation violation. These consequences may include jail time, expensive fines, and possible driver's license suspension or revocation.

Violations of Probation

I am John F. Segelbaum and I have been serving residents of Snohomish County and King County in the area of criminal defense for more than 35 years. I am devoted to looking out for the best interests of my clients, and part of this effort entails ensuring that you are able to move on after a conviction rather than suffer excess consequences because of an alleged violation of your probation terms. If you have been summoned to a probation violation hearing, you need strong defense.

Examples of common probation violations include:

  • Not informing your probation officer that you have moved or not obtaining permission from your probation officer to move
  • Not paying restitution or court-ordered fines
  • Failing a drug test
  • Refusing to submit to a drug test
  • Committing a crime
  • Breaking or disabling a monitoring device
  • Missing court-mandated treatment or counseling sessions
  • Not reporting to your probation officer

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I have been practicing law for decades, including a stint as a senior deputy prosecutor. The courts that address probation violation cases are familiar with me, and I work hard to establish my reputation as a fair, honest, and ethical attorney who is passionate about pursuing justice and tenaciously defending the rights of the men and women I represent. My practice is focused on serving my clients' interests. Let me defend you against the repercussions of a probation violation.

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