John F. Segelbaum's Philosophy

You should be aware of a few specific facts when it comes to the criminal justice system. First, the prosecutor you face is very well equipped and funded with a wide range of resources at his or her disposal. Second, representing yourself is a grave mistake that has cost many men and women serious - and avoidable - consequences. Third, your prosecutor handles hundreds of cases and is extremely experienced. Finally, as a former senior deputy prosecutor and current Snohomish County criminal defense lawyer who has been practicing law for 38 years, I am prepared to use all of this information to your benefit.

Together, We Can Win!

The reality is that your prosecutor has more cases to handle than I do because I limit my caseload to only a few dozen at any given time, whereas the prosecutor may be assigned to hundreds of cases. This means that I am able to concentrate much more focus and energy on your defense than the other side can give to your prosecution. In the United States, you are considered innocent until proven guilty. I am ready to fight tenaciously for the justice you deserve. I can study every aspect of your case so that when we go to court, you will feel as though you are the only client I have. The other side has experts working for them, but I can enlist experts too. If necessary, I can gather a team of former police officers, former state toxicologists, and other experts who can analyze the prosecution's evidence against you.

Committed to My Clients in Snohomish & King Counties

With decades of experience, the name John F. Segelbaum is synonymous with tough and ethical criminal defense for many Washington State residents. As a former U.S. Navy officer, I believe in committed and resourceful advocacy. That is why I make myself available to my clients in order to answer questions and offer advice when it is needed most. I understand that you are facing a challenging and perhaps frightening ordeal, but you should not lose hope! With a fierce commitment to your well-being and the preservation of your rights, choosing me as your Snohomish County criminal defense attorney could be among the best decisions you ever make.

Never Give Up! I Can Fight for You.

No matter how tough your case may seem, I am ready to win. While no attorney can promise the end result of any given case, I can assure you that I am an attorney who fights relentlessly for my clients. I prepare every case I take as if it will go to trial in order to stay ahead of the prosecution through pretrial legal motions and negotiations. Call my Edmonds office today for a free case evaluation to learn more about how I may be able to help you.

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Guilty 117
Not Guilty/Dismissed 97
Reduced 651
Deferred Prosecution 314
Total 1179

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    • Nearly 40 Years of Legal Experience
    • Former Senior Deputy Prosecutor
    • 24-Hour Phone Service & Jail Visits
    • Thousands of Criminal Cases Handled
John, B just called to let me know how everything worked out. Thanks for all your help. He commented to me that, considering I basically picked your name out of the phone book, we 'lucked out'. He was impressed with how you handled the prosecutor and the court and appreciated how you dealt with him personally. - D.S.